Zoomer Show Pony Electronic Pet Review

Zoomer Show Pony: In the past, people had electronic pets in small black and white 2D screens; those days are long over.

Today electronic toys are highly interactive and the Zoomer Show Pony is one of those sophisticated piece of pure technology.

The Zoomer Show Pony is a reciprocal e-pet that will surely amaze and preoccupy your kids for days.

This pony responds to various touch stimuli and does tricks as you “command” it using different types of strokes.

The pony also comes with an instruction card, which is very easy to understand and kids can refer to when leveling up the tricks.

Zoomer Show Pony Electronic Pet

Zoomer Show Pony Electronic Pet

How to Play with Zoomer Show Pony

Aside from the pony, the box comes with a carrot, apple, comb, and a sugar cube.

These items each elicit a specific response from the pony.

Kids who play with Zoomer somewhat require a learning curve to make her perform all of the pre-programmed actions and tricks.

First, you’ll need to ensure that you have 4 rechargeable AA batteries available to make it work.

Turn on the button on her underbelly.

Balancing an apple closely or around her mouth will make her tell you that she has quenched the hunger, lighting up her eyes.

Then she will show you that she is full.

Using the carrot, in the same way, starts training, and using the sugar cube rewards the pony.

Nevertheless, unless you want her to get hyper; don´t give her 6 cubes.

Stroke both her cheeks to calm her down.

On the other hand, the comb lets the pony know that it’s time for grooming.

She will purr to let you know that she likes it when fixing her hair.

Caressing her cheek will make her move her head that direction.

However, it is different when she’s in training mode, pet her on one cheek, and she’ll do a prancing trick going in that direction.

Under show and training modes, can memorize five different moves, which you can arrange in your preferred sequence.

Zoomer, the Show Pony, can also show signs of tiredness.

When she falls asleep quickly, it means that the batteries need replacing or recharging.

Don’t forget to purchase new batteries if you are interested in buying this toy.

Also, when your kid is done playing the pony, don’t forget to turn off the switch in her underbelly to ensure that the batteries do not get drained.

Kids can do a lot with the show pony.

Aside from all of the tricks that it can do, children can style her hair every time it gets old.

Grooming is a particularly quiet activity that you can share with your Zoomer Show Pony.

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Customer Reviews and Scores

“My daughter and I are really enjoying the Zoomer Show Pony.

As soon as Zoomer was on and running we were instantly taken with it’s sweet sounds and the fun interactive things we could do with her.

If you pet her she moves her head, if you pet her nose she moves her head from side to side and nudges forward, if you pet both cheeks she neighs, “I love you!” She comes with four interactive accessories, including an apple, a carrot, a brush for her hair and a sugar cube.

Our favorite is the sugar cube; if you feed her the sugar cube 3 times in a row she dances, but if you feed her the sugar 6 times in row she’ll dance in a super hyper way (just like some of the kids we know).

Zoomer’s eyes explain how she is feeling and the toy comes with an “Eye Dictionary;” a pictorial easy to understand key showing what the 14 different expressive light-up eyes mean.

For instance, low lit ovals mean she is sleepy (I think getting kids to look and understand Zoomer’s eyes is a great way to introduce them to symbols, keys and maps!).”

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That makes it very easy for us to recommend the Zoomer Show Pony.

Here is a link to show you where you can get one: Electronic Pony Pet

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