ZOOB Galax Z Lunar Pathfinder Best Review


Defining the Zoob Galax Z Lunar Pathfinder


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The Zoob Galax Z Lunar Pathfinder is a 25 piece building set which is delivered with 16 Zoob pieces, eight Zoob Galax Z accessories, and Helio the ZoobBonaut figure.

The Zoob’s ball-and-socket joint building structure allows youngsters to create custom pieces that rotate and spin for more play value when the construction is completed.

This package comes with detailed step by step instructions to build the Solar Seeker, Turbo Tracker, and Lunar Pioneer.

This particular set is great to build and then enjoy with friends or not, many adventures.

ZOOBs Z Bricks Lunar Pathfinder

ZOOB are quite new on the market but are a fascinating alternative to other brick building brands such as LEGO or Mega block.

Instead of just using blocks or bricks to connect the sets together they use a ball and socket joint configuration.

Last year they introduced their new range of space sets, ZOOB Galax Z and the Lunar Pathfinder is a new set for 2016 expanding this range.

This is a fairly small set but the instructions show various builds that you make with it.

All together this is a twenty five piece set including the astronaut figure.

ZOOB Galax-Z Lunar Pathfinder, ZOOBs Z Bricks, ZOOB, Galax Z, Lunar Pathfinder, building toys


How Much is ZOOB Galax Z Lunar Pathfinder?

The lunar Pathfinder retails at around $42 but it makes sense to check the latest prices online for instance at Amazon who offer free shipping.

Who Would Buy ZOOB Galax-Z Lunar Pathfinder?

ZOOB recommend the
Lunar Pathfinder for kids aged between 6-15 years, we agree that six years old is a good age to get started with ZOOB sets but teenagers might find the sets a little young.

If you have kids from 6-12 who enjoy constructing building sets like LEGO they are likely to be interested in ZOOB.

If they already have ZOOB sets they will certainly be happy to add this one to their collection.

Toys with space themes seem to be universally popular with young children especially boys so this would make a great gift.

Things We Like About It

The advantage of ZOOB over their competitors is their use of ball and socket joints which increases the range of movements and articulation making for some more interesting and creative building ideas.

This is a nice addition to their existing range of Galax-Z building sets and there a number of different.

Things We Did Not Like About It

This is a fairly basic set for the price and you can pick up the much bigger ZOOB Galax-Z Astrotech Rover set for a cheaper price, so we would suggest if this is for a kid who doesn’t have any ZOOB sets other sets provide more value for money.

It might take a while to get to grips with the instructions and the unique method of building with ZOOB but once you get an understanding of how they piece together it becomes pretty intuitive.

Where Can I Buy It?

All the ZOOB sets including this one are available from the larger online retailers.

Amazon is a good place to start as you can read real user reviews and more pros and cons of this particular toy.

ZOOB Galax-Z Lunar Pathfinder, ZOOBs Z Bricks, ZOOB, Galax Z, Lunar Pathfinder, building toys


Our Final Thoughts About ZOOB

If your kids like building block toys they will enjoy this one and it provides plenty of creative play.

This set is compatible with all other ZOOB sets so if they already are acquainted with ZOOB they will love this one.

For building toys geek kids ZOOB end up being fun stand-alone or to add to an existing ZOOB collection.

If it is the first time to experience a ZOOB character, and I think it adds a great deal of element for imaginative play beyond building.

The set can build 3 similar vehicles per instructions, but only has enough pieces for one of them at a time.

The different colors and specialized pieces (like the “wing blaster” and “turbo rocket”) give it a distinctive look compared to other basic ZOOB sets.

ZOOB in general has a greater variety in the ways they connect that lends itself well to creativity and building things like vehicles.


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