WowWee REV Air Review Toy Review

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WowWee REV Air: there are so many ways that technology has changed our lives.

Things that were once difficult are so much easier now.

Now we have washing machines in our homes.

They can run day and night. We also have fabrics that don’t need to be pressed to look nice. So, what do we do with all of this extra time?

WowWee REV Air toy Ai has readily accelerated its route into practically every walk of life of the contemporary standard of living – from companionship to medical care.

Therefore unsurprisingly the A.I. innovation has kicked off to earn some significant steps into the world of the most recent technology highest.

WowWee REV Air has turned into one of the most highly-advanced inclusions to this checklist.

These remarkable REV – Robotic Greatly enhanced Cars, which are app-enabled and wonderfully built to give you a new era of velocity and war games.

In addition, the long-anticipated WowWee REV Air launches a thoroughly brand-new drone element to WowWee’s REV battle-game platform.

This formidable toy empowers you to fly a quadcopter around the battlefield handling an AI-enabled ground auto.

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What does WowWee REV Air cost?

In a satisfactory manner, this excellent toy automobile has been released by the brand.

But, as per the WowWee’s official communication, it has been confirmed that the price of this model would be around $100 dollars.

Who Would Buy WowWee REV Air?

If you are among the Robotic enthusiasts, and even if you adore war and velocity games, this sophisticated flying robot software automobile will be a great fit for you.

Its superior technology makes it possible for you to manage and play this game in the real-world and delight in a smooth gaming experience.

And undoubtedly, it supports a multiplayer game; thus you can solicit your buddies to participate in, make them your challengers, and immediately test the fascinating real-world Gameplay.

The authentic WowWee website encourages this game for any person, aged at least 13 years of ages.

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What We Like about the Toy

1.The impressive toy car has the enough punch and potential that can definitely elevate your gaming experience with A.I technology.

2. WowWee REV Air has some completely new and striking features, which aren’t available with its existing REV models.

3. This powerful toy is completely app-based. You will control your quadcopter drones and the REV car from your portable gadgets i.e. any Bluetooth-enabled smartphones or tablets.

4. It features the exciting combination of two latest technologies: Flight Control Systems and Beaconsense Artificial Intelligence.

5. As a player, you will be either engaged in controlling the flying Quadcopter to speed and battle an AI enabled vehicle, or, alternatively, you can be chased by the AI Quadcopter which is well-capable of attack and defense, fire virtual missiles & weapons, and swarm on your maneuverable REV car.

6. To boost your gaming experience further, this toy car allows you to bring your friends and enjoy a real-time gaming sensation.

7. And finally, you will experience an amazingly unique experience as the Artificial intelligent flight is made entirely autonomous, hence, you can focus more on the exciting real-world Gameplay.

WowWee REV Air, wowwee rev air toy, wowwee toys, wowwee rev deluxe, wowwee toys,


Aspects We Did Not Like about WowWee REV Air

Well, this amazing toy car doesn’t have any significant flaws.
It is geared toward teenagers and younger children may find the intricacy of it all challenging.

Is It Worth The Money?

It’s certainly not cheap but in its combination of air and road play it is completely unique and this innovation makes it value for money in our opinion.

WowWee REV Air, wowwee rev air toy, wowwee toys, wowwee rev deluxe, wowwee toys,


Where to Purchase It?

The first look of this set has been already unveiled by WowWee and REV Air is officially available on the market in all offline and online stores.

You can acquire the WowWee REV Air toy from Amazon as they normally sell and have WowWee brand toys.

WowWee REV Air Review Toy Review

WowWee REV Air Review Toy Review

Our Conclusion

WowWee REV Air brings a brand new flying dimension to your battlefield.

This model combines all the latest technologies of advanced battle-games to present you a sheer real-time gaming experience.

Whether you are a game lover or not, you will be surely impressed with REV Air’s striking features and advance tech.

Remote control drones are toys not only for children. They can also be altered to become a man’s toy.

However, it is more than that. The technology has allowed a child’s toy to become an important piece of equipment that has many uses, taking pictures for maps is just one of the many ways the remote control airplanes “drones” are used for.

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