WowWee CHIP Robot Pet Dog Features

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WowWee CHIP Robot Pet Dog Features

WowWee CHIP Robot Pet Dog Features: CHiP or Canine Home Intelligent Pet is a WowWee product or a WowWee pup that is highly intelligent and extremely affectionate just like a regular dog.

It magnifies the concept of technology and artificial intelligence by giving aspiring dog owners the chance of experiencing an authentic dog-like behaviour and mannerism.

CHIP Robot Pet Dog means promoting pet ownership without the hassles brought about by a real pet dog.

WowWee CHIP Robot Pet Dog Features Inside

To talk about the robot dog, it is complete with advanced sensors and a plethora of artificial intelligence algorithms that makes it unique and quite distinct from the other CHiP dogs.

CHiP’s learning capabilities make him a one-of-a-kind dog just like you would expect from any other dog.

While the artificial intelligence makes sure that it puts on an adaptive personality, CHiP will actually view your commands and preferences and evolve its character and emotional bond with the owners based on those traits.

Coming from WowWee, a world leader in introducing the market to consumer-based robotics and a whole round of creative experiences, the WoWWee CHIP Robot Pet Dog Features is a brilliant product.

Apart from showing affection and learning and differentiating good from bad behavior, WowWee designs CHiP to provide great companionship to its owners and stay playful when used with custom-made devices.

Those devices such as the Bluetooth ball, which when thrown away to fetch is skillfully chased after by CHiP and retrieved and brought back to the owner.

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WoWWee CHIP Robot Dog

CHiP also uses the automatic indication of low battery as a sign to dock at the charging hub called the SmartBed when it is time to sleep and recharge.

If CHiP cannot reach the SmartBed with the charge left, it will automatically send a text message via the companion app and ask for help.

CHiP is controlled by a wearable SmartBand controller that serves as the remote control.
Using the watch, owners can relay commands to CHiP such as fetch, play ball, sit, stay, and many others.

You can even train the dog to receive treats or reprimand it using the SmartBand.

You can also communicate with it through hand gestures and the specialized CHiP companion app, which can be installed on your smartphone or other mobile devices (available on iOS and Android by Q3 2016).

CHiP is a direct result of cutting-edge technology meeting the emotional human needs.

As a product from WowWee, you can be assured that the best-in-class technologies are at play here and WowWee is sparing no detail to please their consumers.

WowWee CHIP Robot Pet Dog Features Video

WowWee CHIP Robot Pet Dog Features Full Info

The interesting pieces of technologies that make up the features in WowWee’s CHiP are as follows:

***Mecanum Wheels – These wheels are very attractive to look at and provide CHiP with the speed and maneuver it requires to go about the house while tactfully avoiding obstacles.

***Infrared Vision – This wave-based vision enables the CHiP robot dog to understand the environment and interact with it.

***BeaconSense – This sophistic technology makes the robot dog aware of the position and situation he’s in, enabling him to respond better and make him more loveable.

***GestureSense – As mentioned before, this make CHiP sensitive to hand gestures such as claps, swipes, and many other hand movements.

***Voice Recognition – Call him CHiP or a customized name, this dog will register its name and respond back to you.
This is an important feature that implements the speech recognition technology.

***Touch / Gyroscope and Accelerometer – With a sense of orientation, CHiP will understand the number of time you pick him up from stable ground and will respond to your gesture accordingly.
The touch sensors use capacitive sensor technology that will enable the robot dog to “feel” the touch.

While not everything produced in a factory can ever replace the touch and emotional quotient you receive from a real dog.
Nevertheless WowWee CHiP Robot Pet Dog is a fine product and quite falls under the umbrella of other robotic products such as Robosapien, MiP, and MiPosaur.

The CHiP is well received in the market and will start arriving at your home by Q3 2016 after the on-going initial campaign.
CHiP is now available for orders at a retail price of just $199 on Amazon, where you will find the best deal arriving at the right time and place.
You can find the product here.

WowWee CHiP Robot Pet Dog features reveal an innovative product and leads technology right into the next generation of home innovation.

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