WoWee Chip Review Smartband Review

WoWee Chip: The first robotic pet was introduced by Sony and the name was AIBO. That was 16 years ago.

Until now, the idea of robotic pets is not that popular. However, robotics has developed to a point that you can have robot pet dog for your home that is not that expensive, and not that clunky.

One of those new age robotic pet is known as WoWee Chip.

So what can you expect from WoWee Chip? What features that are worth noting?
And, what its advantages?

In this article, we are going to put WoWee Chip in the spotlight and explore it’s in’s and out’s.

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WoWee Chip

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WowWee CHiP Interactive Robot Pet Dog

The Basics of Wowee Chip

WoWee Chip is basically a robotic pet puppy dog. It can turn its head from side-to-side.

It can also move its arms and legs from the shoulder joints. However, the knees are fixed.

WoWee Chip also doesn’t come with regular dog paws or feet.

It comes with a set of cool wheels that gives it great mobility.

Keep in mind that WoWee Chip’s legs are not suitable for most outdoor surfaces; hence, its best kept indoors.

Out From the Box Wowee Chip Video

When you take out WoWee Chip from its box, it’s almost good to go. You don’t have to assemble anything.

Furthermore, it also comes with its play toys, which is a ball and band.

WoWee Chip is voice activated, and you can see the available commands in the user’s manual.

However, if checking through the user manual is not your thing, then you can download an app from the Appstore or Google play.

The app outlines the commands and other important stuff you need to know with your new pet pal.

WoWee Chip comes out of the box partially charged.

But, you might want to charge him overnight before you play with him.

WoWee Chip comes with its own charging dock and you can even instruct WowWee Chip to charge himself.

WoWee Chip Band

As mentioned before, WwoWee Chip comes with a band. You can say that the band is a key component of the entire package.

It’s because is the tool that you will use often to communicate with your robotic pet dog.

The chip pairs with your pet via Bluetooth technology. At the center of the band, there is a button with the word “CHiP”.

You press the button to get the attention of your robotic pet and make it stop what it’s currently doing.

There is also a button in the band that when you press it, your robotic pet will follow you wherever you may go.

You can also press a button to instruct WowWee Chip to play with its ball.

Oh don’t forget about positive reinforcement as that’s important for the development of any pet; and yes, there’s a button for that in the band.

WoWee Chip Ball

Now let’s cover the ball. Chip’s ball also comes with Bluetooth technology to pair with WowWee Chip.

It also needs four triple A batteries. Once you turn it on, the synching process is automatic.

At the press of the button “fetch”, your robotic pet will then fetch the ball with all of the enthusiasm of a real puppy.

WoWee Chip Senses

Like a real puppy, WowWee Chip makes a lot of different sounds, especially when you play with it.

It can chirp happily, cry and barks. It can even produce that yawning sound after it gets off from its charging base.

Chip also comes with a voice recognition technology. To start instructing your robotic pet dog, you have to say “Hey CHiP”.

If you notice that you pet dog’s eyes turn to green, then you know it’s ready for a command.

There are a lot of commands that you can use like fetch, sit down, let’s dance and come here as a few examples.

You can view the full lists in the user manual or the app.

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WoWWee CHIP Robot Dog

The Downside

Well, if you are looking for a real dog, then a robot pet will simply not do. It is still light years away from acting like a real dog.

On the upside it does not come with the problems of a real dog like the need for potty training, chewing on your furniture and stuff like that.

Another thing that you will notice is the sound of the robotic motors. However, it’s not very noticeable and some people find it very cool.

Bottom Line

If you want your very own pet dog, but at a price that won’t break your bank, then WwoWee Chip is a great choice.

It is loaded with a lot of features, like voice command, the band and the ball. It’s easy to use and no assembly is required.

It’s cute and adorable. It’s also pretty responsive and smart. What about the price? Well, you can say it’s well worth its price tag.

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