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DreamWorks Trolls Poppy Are Here

Trolls Poppy Hug Time PoppyPeople tend to say that trends such as Trolls Poppy come and go and then they make major comebacks feeding on people’s nostalgia.

This is why it didn’t really come as a surprise to me that the 90s have come back in full swing, as evidenced by today’s kids’ fashion and games.

But what really took me by surprise is the comeback of the Trolls in the form of Trolls Poppy Hug Time Poppy.

Trolls Poppy are back

Yes, you’ve read that right. Trolls are back. They’re being sold again.

Not that I’m certain that manufacturers actually stopped producing and selling them, but you know, they haven’t been in vogue for more than a decade, so I think it’s safe to assume that they’re just back right now.


DreamWorks Trolls Poppy Large Hug ‘N Plush Doll

As a 90s kid, Trolls are basically a part of my life.

These dolls are so popular back in the day that I remember my uncle collecting a good deal of them.

He has them in almost every quirky character type and hair color and they are all over his house and car.

It actually made me a bit curious as I never found these dolls cute.

Sure, their hair is silly – pulled all the way up and in very bright and vibrant colors – and they look funny with their seemingly toothless smiles and wrinkles.

But they weren’t exactly cute. Beanie Babies were cute, as well as Cabbage Patch Kids dolls, but these things are definitely not cute.

How are they back, though? And why are these dolls in every toys-to-watch-out-for list for 2016?

It turns out that there’s an upcoming DreamWorks movie featuring the Trolls that we all know.

Titled ‘Trolls’, this animated film is about the grumpy troll named Branch who goes on a quest with the giddy troll named Poppy in order to save their home, Troll Town, from the Bergen’s.

The Bergen’s are monsters who like to eat trolls, so the troll duo, along with their friends, will have to protect their troll population.

It might sound gruesome, but with the colorful animation and all the singing and dancing they’ll be doing in the movie, your kids will surely love it.

My child and I watched the trailer and my wee one looks interested, so that’s a start.

It honestly looks fun and with some hilarious moments, so your kids might just actually enjoy it.

Set to come in cinemas in November, it might just be the fall kiddie movie of the year followed by a lot of begging to get a few troll dolls.


The Trolls Poppy

The doll is based on the lead female character of the movie.

Voiced by Anna Kendrick, the character is slated to be a hit among little ones as she’s just hilarious and gifted with great chops.

The character itself is also lovable. She’s happy, talented, and optimistic.

She’s also pink, which is one of the reasons why I think my kid will love her.

As for her doll, I can tell that it’s a lot different from the old Troll dolls my uncle used to own.

This one looks exactly like the movie character – pink skin and pink hair with a crown and a plastic flower bracelet. It is also a plushy, perfect for some hugging.

But what makes it stand out is the fact that it also comes with a matching flower bracelet for your kid.

My kid loves going matchy-matchy with her dolls, so this will be a plus point for her.

The bracelet is also marketed as a way for the doll and your kid to talk to each other, so, again, that’s a cute thing that kids will most likely fall for.

You can then activate the doll and its hair and bracelet will light up according to the music.

It will also sing and dance when its tummy gets pressed. It’ll be like your kid actually has Poppy in her room to entertain her!

The doll also comes with some styling tools, a fuzzy flair material, and some wigs.

This will let your kid play with the doll in more ways than one. I actually love this as my little one will surely spend more time with her Trolls Poppy with the option of styling and dressing the doll up.

Should You Buy Trolls Poppy Hug Time Poppy?

I am actually readying myself to get a few Trolls Poppy dolls as I know I wouldn’t be able to resist telling my kid that I grew up with these dolls.

I don’t even know where they initially came from, as I don’t remember a movie or TV show that had them.

As the hubby and I enjoy giving our kids some retro toys to let them experience some history and to relive our childhood days a bit as well, I’m sure I’ll be getting a few Trolls merchandise.

But as for the Trolls Poppy, I might actually have to get it as soon as it hits the stores.

After watching the trailer with my kid, it’s pretty obvious that she likes Poppy.

If she knew that it can sing, dance, and light up, she’ll beg for it relentlessly.

As the doll is good for kids 4 years and up, it’s actually a good gift for my little one if she performed well in school or if she learned to do some chores.

She’ll definitely get it on good behavior, especially if it turns out that she really likes the character.

I still have to find that out by viewing other trailers with her, though.

As for your kid, I recommend that you see at least the trailer first with them.

I don’t expect every kid to like Trolls Poppy.

just like other animated films and characters, so you should determine first whether they like Poppy or not.

The doll is quite pricey, which is just expected since she can do a lot of things.

So getting it for your kid who ends up not liking the character can be a bit problematic.

It’s best if you can learn first whether they really like Trolls Poppy before getting the doll.

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