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Canine Home Intelligent Pet Robot

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Dogs are always awesome. They’re adorable, cuddly, and affectionate.

If you take care of them well, they’ll love you so much that it’ll make your heart burst thinking about how much they adore you.

They definitely deserve their title as “man’s best friend” as they truly are great companions.

Sadly, not everyone can get a dog.

I have wanted to get one since I was a kid, but allergies tend to get in the way.

Sure, some can argue that I could easily build a tolerance for these cuddly fur balls, but my parents won’t risk it.

It’s a lot easier to not have another living thing to care for than have two that requires constant attention.

WowWee Chippies Robot Toy Dog – Chipper (Blue)

So, I grew up dog less and longing for some serious puppy cuddles.

This is what made me so interested when the WowWee Chip Canine Home Intelligent Pet was announced at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2016.

CHiP, short for Canine Home Intelligent Pet, is a robotic dog which has the characteristics of a puppy without the living animal and allergy inducing hair parts.

I thought to myself that it is the perfect answer to my longing for a k9 companion, so I made sure to check it out and try to know more about it.

If you’re also interested about CHiP, make sure to read on.

WowWee Chip Canine Home Intelligent Pet Quick Overview

There are tons of wonderful things you’ll want to know about CHiP but the most important thing is that it is a lot like an actual dog, and a smart one at that.


The robot pet barks, whines, and runs around like an actual puppy.

Chip pet also has a personality that is shaped with how the owner responds to it.

It can get mischievous, sweet, and affectionate, depending on how you treat it.

What make it special are the sensors that are strategically located around its body.


This allows CHiP to be as interactive as possible.

You can pet and nuzzle it and it will respond accordingly.

I can rub my face in it and not risk my capability to breathe properly.

It enjoys affectionate gestures, which is a lot like regular dogs.

These and its artificial intelligence allow every CHiP puppy to have a distinct personality.

While robotic canines aren’t exactly a novel concept anymore, this one is definitely offering something different.

It is programmed to be a smart dog, making it an interactive robotic toy that offers oodles of fun.

As it comes with a series of companion accessories, you can definitely interact with this toy pet and you’re sure that it will give you an appropriate response.

Playing with WowWee Chip Canine Home Intelligent Pet

To play with CHip, you have a few options.

You can pet and nuzzle it to get some aww-worthy responses or you can take advantage of its accessories to get the most out of this smart pet.

Each accessory will allow you to perform different functions, designed to imitate the responses and activities of an actual dog.


Each CHiP unit comes with a Smart Ball that you can use to play fetch with your puppy.

Roll it away and CHiP will go after it like a true dog will.

The robotic k9’s sensor will help locate the ball, which it will then bring back to you.


CHiP comes with a SmartBand – a smart bracelet that is programmed to control different functions of CHiP.

It will let CHiP recognize its owner, so every time you arrive home, it will greet and follow you around.

This will also let CHiP recognize various gestures so it can follow your commands and do tricks accordingly.

The Smartband will also let the canine home intelligent pet know who to pester when it’s feeding time or if they want to play.

The thing I like the most about the SmartBand accessory is that it allows you to reward CHiP as well.

By pressing the left button, it sends a signal to CHiP that you like what he did.

It’s a lot like petting your dog, I guess, which will encourage its good behavior.



Discover the WowWee Chip Canine Home Intelligent Pet SmartBed

Like any other dog, CHiP also has his very own bed.

However, it is not like any other dog bed in the market today as it isn’t exactly cozy or soft.

It does a great job in recharging your puppy, though, as it is a literal charging dock for your smart pet.

The best thing about this bed is that CHiP will always know where it is, thanks to his sensors, so he can run back to it when he’s already running out of power.

Natural light can also trigger CHiP to go back to his bed as his sensors are programmed to get him in bed when it starts to get dark out.

In case you’re out of the house and your puppy can’t find his bed, it will send you a text that it needs to recharge.

I find this pretty nifty as it guarantees that your smart pet is always powered up for some fun.



The Perfect Pet for Those who can’t have a Dog

WowWee Chip Canine Home Intelligent Pet is touted as the perfect pet for those who can’t have pets, it’s definitely a great solution to my need for a pet dog.

With CHiP, I can enjoy all the great things pet owners do without having to struggle with my allergies.

It’s even better because I don’t have to deal with messes, biting problems, and vaccines.

It basically owns a pet dog sans the hassle. Sure, I still have to train it, but that wouldn’t even cause me to break a sweat.

The only thing that I think will make people shy away from this “toy” is its price.

It’s honestly quite expensive, but if you’ll compare it to buying a dog from a breeder, it’s actually almost at the same price range.

This actually makes a good case for getting me a CHiP unit, because if you’ll think about it, it can be really worth the price since I really want a pet dog.

The WowWee Chip Canine Home Intelligent Pet will be available on the 30th of August 2016.

They’re already available for pre-order online through Amazon and BestBuy Canada.


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