Razor Dune Buggy Review

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razor dune buggy

Razor Dune Buggy: If there is one thing you can say about the kids today, they get easily bored.

And it is not entirely their fault because unlike in the past, our lives today center around technology.

To get kids off their hands, many parents simply provide them with electronic gadgets such as a computer or a tablet.

While these gadgets stimulate the minds and, to some extent, their hand-to-eye coordination, they are not enough to provide kids with an enriching experience the same way that playing outdoors and other activities do.

If you really want to give stimulate your child and give him an experience he or she will never forget then ditch the I Pad and present your child with a Razor dune buggy.

Pros Razor Dune Buggy

When you see the Razor dune buggy the first question that will pop into your mind is, “Is this really a toy for kids?”

The buggy looks like something that dads would want for themselves.
And it is not just the looks of the Razor alone that would catch your attention.

It has specs that would make any motor enthusiast drool.

It comes with a powerful 350-watt motor that can easily reach up to 10 miles per hour.

This means that the buggy can go fast enough for a child to have a fun experience but slow enough to still keep a child safe from serious accidents.

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If you are a parent, then your ultimate concern is safety.

Of course, you would like your kid to have fun but not at the expense of his health or his life.

As realistic as the Razor dune buggy look, it is still a toy designed for young kids.

You must make sure though that your child is more than 8 years old and that he or weighs within the 120 pound limit.

A closer inspection of the buggy would reveal that manufacturers really went out of their way to ensure that it provides the utmost comfort and safety.

It comes with a side roll cage that will protect your child from external hazards.

Of course, the buggy also features a seat belt to ensure a worry-free riding experience.

If you are someone who cares for the environment and wants your kid to have the same concern for the earth, then you would love the fact that the Razor dune buggy runs on electricity so it doesn’t produce emissions.

It is very quiet as well so it won’t add to the noise pollution.

Cons Razor Dune Buggy

As awesome as it is, the Razor dune buggy is not a perfect product.

There are parents who complained that it is quite short so it is definitely not for tall kids.

And because it is electric, you need to charge it first before you can enjoy riding it.

Razor Dune Buggy Conclusion

Razor Dune Buggy: The pros of the Razor dune buggy definitely outweigh the cons though.

If you don’t mind the charging time then this toy is definitely something that will give your kid a wonderful experience.

You might find the $400 price tag fairly high for kid’s plaything but this isn’t your run of the mill toy the Razor Dune Buggy is something special.

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