Provocative zoomer chimp amazon toy Review

Zoomer Chimp Amazon Toy: I really don’t need to get a crystal orb to forecast that his amazing robot chimpanzee is planning to be one of the major sellers for Christmas 2016, Christmas 2017 and beyond.

In 2015 the Zoomer robot dino earned toy of the year and it appears like this year they have a solid chance of succeeding again.

Across the last few years in addition to the Zoomer Dino we have had dogs and kitties but zoomer have absolutely over delivered through this new toy with its functionality and features.

Zoomer Chimp, Interactive Chimp with Voice Command, Movement and Sensors by Spin Master

This particular hi-tech zoomer chimp amazon is not released until later in the year but from the videos accessible and what we are discovering about it, it seems that the producers have put a considerable amount of work into it.

Going over the packaging there is a terrible pun of the Zoomer robot Chimp being your ‘Prime- Mate’ it did make me laugh though!

It is defined as having the capacity to carry out over 100 tricks.

Zoomer Dino also acts in response to 10 voice commands has light up eyes and dance and farts!

Its eyes change color to express what type of mood it is feeling.

How Much Zoomer Chimp Amazon?

The Zoomer robot chimp is being priced at around $162.41 and yet for some reasons you can also find some especial offers for $54 at

Questions of making sure you inform yourself well by reading everything about the different offers.

Who Would Like the Zoomer Robot Chimp

Right now I am forty and I would enjoy one of these for Christmas coming!

Jokes apart this great toy is for ages Five Plus. Any younger age range could certainly cause damaged to the chimp.

Youngsters who delighted in the previous Dino Robots were roughly between the ages of 5 to 12 years old bracket.

We believe that both boys and girls would enjoy this toy.

Things We Like About the Zoomer Chimp Amazon Toy

The main thing we liked about this robot toy was that it has a real personality.

Zoomer has given it an articulated body and animated face so that it behaves like a real cheeky young chimp.

It’s a bit crazy and farts and laughs and dances around.

We also liked that it has the ability to go from sitting to standing which makes it even more lifelike.

Things We Did Not Like About The Zoomer robot Chimp

I like to be critical when I am reviewing toys but there is little not to like about this toy.

I suppose it isn’t particularly educational but that could be easily remedied by getting kids to watch videos or books about primates while playing with the zoomer robot chimp.

Is The Zoomer robot Chimp Worth The Money?

We believe that $162.41 is a good price considering the impressive amount of features this toy zoomer chimp amazon has.

It does so many different things and actually has a personality that kids will become attached to.

New responses are also unlocked the more they play with it.

For these reasons I think that the toy won’t gather dust in the back of the toy cupboard and any child will get a lot of play out of it.

Zoomer Chimp Amazon Toy Video

Final Thoughts

Zoomer could have easily just produced another robot toy and made a lot of money but they have gone out of the way to improve and innovate on their previous robot toys to produce a robot chimp that your kids will just love.

We think that the zoomer chimp amazon toy is going to top our Christmas favorites for 2016 and 2017 alike.

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