Meccano Erector MAX Robotic Interactive Toy Expert Review

Meccano Erector MAX Robotic Interactive Toy

What’s a foot tall and both fun and educational?

It’s none other than M.A.X. or Meccano Erector MAX robotic interactive toy which is a robot that may be small in size but big in features!

Short for Meccano Advanced Xfactor, M.A.X. is specifically designed to be programmed in all kinds of customized ways, thus allowing it to become the perfect companion for kids 10 years old or above.

The presence of wheels makes it clear that M.A.X. has the ability to roll around and explore.

And with integrated infrared sensors, it can avoid anything that’s on its path — your little toe or that expensive vase of yours is out of harm’s way!

Building M.A.X. provides hours of excitement and learning experience most especially for a child who is showing early signs of interest in fields such as engineering and technology.

Meccano Erector MAX robotic interactive toy

Meccano Erector MAX robotic interactive toy

Refrain from assuming that the fun and educational properties of this interactive toy vanish into thin air the moment that your youngster has finished assembling it — M.A.X. can be programmed to sing songs, tell jokes, play games, ask trivia questions, engage in conversation, or something else that your little one likes.

Needless to say, it can keep on being entertaining and educational long after it’s been assembled.

Keep on reading — below are some of the most important things you need to know about Meccano Erector MAX robotic interactive toy

And by the end of this article, you will have a better idea if this toy is worth shelling out a little over $100.

The More It’s Used, the More It Learns

Time will come when your little one will show signs of outgrowing those popular interlocking toy bricks.

As soon as you notice that the said time is now, it’s a wonderful idea to hand him or her something that’s evidently more challenging and also allows for a more critical kind of thinking, something that centers on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) that will prime his or her mind for a bright and prolific future.

Well, Meccano Erector MAX robotic interactive toy is an interactive toy that merges things such as constructing, programming, learning and having fun.

The enjoyment and mental development begins as soon as the various pieces — all 332 of them! — are taken out of the box.

It can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours for M.A.X. to be built.

Once completed, it’s time to connect M.A.X. to your computer to have it programmed according to your child’s liking and what a loving parent like you believes is suited for your youngster.

For instance, you can instruct M.A.X. to ask a lot of questions that will allow your little one to learn.

However, it’s not just your child who will learn — thanks to its artificial intelligence (AI) functionality, M.A.X. also learns on its own what your child wants and likes.

The more interaction takes place, the smarter your kid as well as M.A.X. become!

It’s Mobile and Can be Controlled by a Mobile Phone

Unlike a tablet or laptop designed for children, this robotic interactive toy is not designed to remain in one place — it has wheels that enable it to move from point A to point B.

What’s so amazing about M.A.X. is that it comes integrated with infrared sensors that allow it to dodge anything that’s in its path.

All it takes is one quick look for you to see that M.A.X. looks kind of like one of those robots from the mid-80s movie called Short Circuit.

If your child doesn’t want his AI buddy to look like that, no worries!

That’s because the kit for building M.A.X. can also be used for building a rover, buggy or just about anything that your child desires — your little one is only limited by his or her imagination!

And if you buy other Meccano-Erector kits, all their individual parts may be used together, thus allowing for the construction of something even grander than Meccano Erector MAX robotic interactive toy!

By the way, did we already mention that this AI toy can be controlled using a smartphone?

All you have to do is download the Meccano-Erector app which is available for both iOS and Android phones.

Before You Click the Add to Cart Button


It’s true that this Meccano Erector MAX robotic interactive toy with artificial intelligence is both fun and educational.

However, at over $100 it definitely isn’t the cheapest toy for a child who’s 10 years of age or older.

But if you are willing to spend that much cash to have your youngster’s interest in engineering and programming nurtured, then feel free to surprise him or her to the max with a toy gift that is M.A.X.

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