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Lego Architecture New York: Lego toys have been around for a long, long time.
And even today, kids and adults alike still like to collect them.

Lego has evolved over the decades but they still, in some ways, remain the same in the sense that they continue to provide us with durable toys that promise us hours of endless fun.

This New York City Lego set comes with 598 pieces and it features the most iconic buildings in New York City.

There are the Empire State Building, The Flatiron Building, The Statue of Liberty, The Chrysler Building and the One World Trade Center.

It’s part of Lego’s 3 Skyline style architecture sets, which is also comprised of the Venice Skyline and Berlin Skyline.

How Much Does Lego Architecture New York Cost?

The Lego Architecture New York City retails for about $60 when you buy online but it’s worth mentioning that its price tend to change.


Who Should Buy It?

The manufacturer recommends it for enthusiasts who are over 12 years old and we agree.

There are other more child-friendly Lego sets out there.

We would recommend this as a gift to a teenager who loves building Lego structures or to adults who are avid fans of Lego.

People who are interested in Architecture are also ideal recipients. This Lego set will make for a nice family weekend project.

The Pros of Lego Architecture New York

The brand new skyline concept introduced by Lego as additions to the architecture series is really nice and while it’s fairly small and easy to set up, the outcome is very attractive.

It also comes with a booklet which contains lots of facts about New York’s history and architecture, as well as the history of these buildings.

There’s even an extra mini figure of the Statue of Liberty, in case it gets lost.

The Cons

To be honest, it’s really not the most exciting Lego model we’ve come across and setting it up can be a bit time consuming and tiring especially when you get to the Chrysler and Empire State buildings.

There’s an option to buy the buildings as individual sets and when you go this route, you get the bigger versions of the buildings which are also more detailed.

We think this one is best suited for those who want a diorama of New York.





Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

1. Are the buildings included in this set the same as the individual kits for the empire state building and flat iron building?

Actually, yes. These buildings are essentially part of the same architecture series.

The group height is 10 inches however the Flat Iron building height is 5 inches while the Empire State Building is 7 inches.

The New York set buildings are much smaller than the ones for the individual sets.

2. What is the shipping weight for this set?

It’s just a little over two pounds.

3. Does it come out built straight from the box?

No, you have to construct the buildings. That is the beauty of Lego sets and it’s what makes them challenging and exciting to have.

Customer Reviews

There are a lot of reviews for this product when you go to online stores like Amazon.

Generally there are lot more positive reviews than negative ones.

One customer in particular said that it reminds him of New York City and he is living in Florida.

He put it together with the help of his young kids and they were able to finish it in the same day and had lots of fun while doing so.

Even his wife was impressed with the final outcome.

Another buyer said that this toy is great if you’re a fan of Lego Architecture.

However he mentioned that the skylines for this one were a bit different (less superior) compared to the normal scale ones.

He did say that he had fun building the structures and he was still happy that he purchased the toy set.

Majority of the customers have commented that it’s fun to see and it’s a great activity to do on their own or with family and friends.

If this is your first time to set up a Lego structure it may be very challenging at first but that’s what makes Lego so popular, right?

For the complaints, there were only a few and one mentioned that this product costs a lot when you consider their size.

Another one also commented that the details of the buildings were not really similar to their real life counterparts.


Should You Buy Lego Architecture New York?

For its price, this Lego set is worth your money. You get 5 different buildings in this set and it also has a cool display stand to boot.

While there’s no official say on the matter, some Lego Architecture sets have turned into collectors’ items and their prices tend to go up.

If you are interested in buying but don’t want to spend a lot of money, this particular set is a good starter option for you.

Where Can I Buy It?

You’ll likely find this set on the online Lego store as well as in large online shops like Amazon.

With Amazon, you can get the best price for this set and you also get to read reviews from those who have purchased it.

Last Thoughts

Some fans of Lego sets have opted to buy individual buildings however we believe the new skyline Lego sets offer lots of detail and they’re great for display too.

The Lego Architecture New York City would be an excellent gift for an adult or a teenager who likes New York or is interested in architecture.

Whether you are buying this Lego set for yourself or for someone else, it’s still a really fun way to spend your day and you’ll be very impressed with the final output once it’s done.

Make sure to buy Lego Architecture New York from a reputable store like Amazon to take advantage of the best price and also to make sure you’re getting the real thing.


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