Infra-red Laser Battle Tank Set Review

Infra-red Laser Battle Tank Set Toys

Infra-red Laser Battle Tank Set

Infra-red Laser Battle Tank Set

Infra-red Laser Battle Tank Set: this is a fun set of two remote control tanks each on its own frequency that battle each other using infra-red lasers to disable their opponent.

They both are painted in two different camouflage designs and from what one reviewer says are based on the Leopard 2A6.

Looking on Google images this seems credible enough but even though they look pretty good, it’s how good they perform that is more interesting to us.

Who would like these RC Tanks?

While you would think that these are ‘Boy Toys’ these tanks appeal to a wide range of people from kids 6 years and up including girls as well as adults.

Lots of husband and wife’s were having little battles and using them as much as their kids.

One women user mentioned that they were great stress relievers.

So we would say youngsters to seniors would enjoy playing with these tanks.

Infra-red Laser Battle Tank Set Features and functions

Out of the box you get the two infra-red tanks that come well packaged.

These are cheap Chinese toys and we will discuss a couple of the negatives later in this review but the instructions are not very good.

The controls are pretty straight forward though and it doesn’t take long to get used to them.

You can go forward, back and left and right.

First up you need to give them a full charge to get the best amount of use from them.

A full charge will require around 8 hours.

Infra-red Laser Battle Tank Set

Infra-red Laser Battle Tank Set

Once it is charged you should be able to get somewhere between 20 minutes to 45 minutes play out of them before having to recharge for a couple of hours.

The two tanks can both be charged simultaneously using the one charger which speeds things up.

The tanks fire an infrared beam up to a distance of 25 meters and the turrets can swivel horizontally and even lift vertically to fire.

The tanks have a wide range of sounds as well which adds to the great play value.

When the tank first starts up it shakes into action and when the gun fires it recoils.

The game play is pretty simple and the idea is to disable your opponent’s tank in four hits.
Each time a tank is hit it loses some of its functionality.

After each time the tank is hit it has a 15 second time frame where it can’t be hit again so it has time to escape.

You can have all sorts of creative play with these tanks, setting up obstacles and a battlefield environment to play in.

The tanks do climb up slopes and are great for outdoor use.

Infra-red Laser Battle Tank Set

Infra-red Laser Battle Tank Set

The Negatives Infra-red Laser Battle Tank Set

You basically are getting what you pay for, these aren’t state of the art remote control vehicles they are mass produced Chinese toys.

This results in some poor quality control and some reviewers have received tanks that didn’t work properly.

They don’t work on carpet – If you trying running these tanks on carpet you will be frustrated with the tank tracks keep coming off every few minutes.

They do work fine on wooden or vinyl floors and in the outdoors though.

Conclusion Infra-red Laser Battle Tank Set

Infra-red Laser Battle Tank Set
: these tanks have great play value and they are a great way of getting the kids off the computer playing ‘World of Tanks’ and get them interacting and physically moving little tanks around.

Dad and Grandad will love playing these and maybe even Mom too!

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