How to Build Remote Control Robot for Kids

Build Remote Control Robot

Build Remote Control Robot
Build Remote Control Robot

Build a remote control robot with the AOKESI Building Blocks Educational Kit as Lego on steroids.

The 351 pieces included in the package can be assembled to form a cool-looking robot that can move forward, backward, left and right, as well as rotate 360 degrees!

The robot comes with its own rechargeable battery, and it’s controlled with the help of a remote control powered by a couple of AAA batteries (sold separately).

Kids 8 years old and above will like playing with it because it’s fun and exciting, plus it lets them come up with a robot that can follow them around like a mechanical companion.

As a parent, you will surely love the fact that this educational toy helps to nurture your little one’s interest in inventing and constructing, which is essential for superb brain development.

For as long as your child is a sucker for science or you would like to introduce him or her to the fact that science is cool, then this building Remote Control Robot with the blocks educational kit by AOKESI makes for the perfect gift no matter the occasion!

Below you will come across some of the things you need to know about this no ordinary toy, so keep on reading before you decide to click on the add to cart button.

Build Remote Control Robot
Build Remote Control Robot

Build Remote Control Robot of Your Own More Than Those Average Building Blocks

Building blocks are some of the most appealing toys for kids because they can be turned into something, dismantled, and then turned into something else.

They never get boring!

The good news is that once the remote control robot is completely built, your little one can start reaching for the remote control to take it anywhere he or she goes without lifting it off the floor — the presence of wheels powered by an integrated rechargeable battery makes this possible.

If you think that this toy is just all about constructing a robot and then making it move around using its remote control, think again — the building process helps to develop critical thinking and eye-hand coordination.

There are certain parts that enable the robot to move in all directions and also rotate 360 degrees, and your child will surely be curious to figure out which parts of the toy are making it do which actions.

Just make sure that you don’t give the Remote Control Robot Building Blocks Educational Kit to a small child.

That’s because there are small parts included that can be choking hazards!

It’s the Building and Controlling That Bring Fun and Learning

The fun and excitement does not end and begin with building the robot by consulting the easy-to-follow instructional guide.

Once your child is through with it, he or she will surely have even more blast making the robot roam around the house on his or her command — the package comes with a dedicated remote control which is powered by 2 AAA batteries.

On the other hand, the robot itself is powered by a built-in battery that can be charged using the included glowing USB cable which can be plugged into a cell phone charger, laptop or power bank.

Charging the unit for 2 hours is enough for a 2-hour playtime!

What’s so nice about the Remote Control Robot Educational Kit is that the individual pieces are compatible with Lego pieces.

This is great news if your kid chooses to come up with something original than simply copy what’s pictured on the packaging.

Needless to say, this particular toy helps to encourage your child to rely on his or her imagination to produce a one-of-a-kind robot that is capable of moving forward, backward, left and right, and even rotating 360 degrees.

Got two or more kids aged 8 years old and above?

Here’s a great idea: buy each one a kit so that they can build their own robots and race each other to the finish line!

Just Before You Go and Buy It

Compared to most other Build Remote Control Robot toys out there, this one from AOKESI is easier on the pocket — it has a price tag of less than $40.

Despite of this, you can rest assured that your little one will have a grand time building the robot from scratch using the 351 pieces of plastic building blocks and playing with it afterwards with the included remote control.

Just make sure that you don’t walk around barefoot while your child is still in the process of building his or her robot — you know how painful it is to step on one of those plastic pieces!

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