PaiBotz New Robotic Toy Teaches Children Coding Review

PaiBotz is a clear example that we are at the brink of new dawn, especially technology wise.

And Pai technology PaiBotz toys are the toys of today and tomorrows.

Children are being taught in early ages coding, robotics and AR or augmented reality.

You may have noticed that the new generation already dominated everything that is technical; our children know more about computers and cellphones than we do.

What the heck?

It is their time and they should be fully prepared for it.

Whether we like it or not it is here.

Electronic or AI toys are dominating the market of toys and this is only the beginning.

PaiBotz or Botzees are Here



PaiBotz is an Augmented Reality (AR) robotics construction and coding kit for Early Learners.

Children first get to be creative and build their own robot then they have fun learning how to apply basic coding to bring their PaiBotz to life.

A Robotics STEM Toy

PaiBotz will keep your little ones entertained and engrossed (and learning!) for hours on end.

This new early learner’s robotics kit introduces your child to construction, coding and robotics.

They will have great fun building their PaiBotz, be fascinated and entertained by AR games teaching the fundamentals of coding and ultimately earn the reward of playing with their robotic creation.

PaiBotz is suitable for children aged four years and up.

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Fun and Easy to Build

Kids can build any of six robots designs or let their creativity fly and create their own designs.

Pai technology PaiBotz kit is 150 pieces: including two motors allowing the robot to spin and roll a four-hour battery and an object recognition sensor.

130 easy-grip and child-safe, round-edged building blocks will inspire every kid to build their own robot creations.

A round edged blocks are easy to grip and are designed to encourage tactile hands-on learning.

The free app from Botzees provides a very clear and easy to follow visual guide to building each of the six included robot designs

Botzees Introducing Coding

PaiBotz is a cool little robot that brings coding and robotics to early learning.

Learning basic coding concepts are turned into a fun and engaging experience with the AR interactive games included in the app.

30 interactive AR puzzles guide children through the fundamentals of coding; your child will be introduced to the concepts of values, sequencing, looping, and conditional coding in an intuitive and fun visual way.

Once the basics are in place they can bring their Botzees robot creations to life with an easy to use visual programming interface.

Making Screen-Time Educational Fun with Botzees

Create, program and play with PaiBotz.

Coding is introduced by playing the AR games based on a story about Nova and her friends.

Children are challenged to use code to help Nova and her friends through the levels of the game and get home safely, all the while learning the logic and principles required for coding.

PaiBotz app and robot interface very smoothly, with plenty of validation and encouragement provided at each level of learning and play.

Using the free PaiBotz app children can program their robot to play, light up, produce sounds, drum, and dance and, of course, move in any direction required.

The robot can also be simply remote controlled from the app to just be silly and have fun!

Botzees teaches children how to create for tomorrow using technology – it is a really fun and entertaining way to start to prepare kids for their future.

This toy is a robotics STEM toy from Pai Technology.


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