Juno My Baby Elephant Secrets Revealed

Juno My Baby Elephant is a robotic, purple, baby elephant with the cutest tuft of pink hair!

Wildluvs Juno My Baby Elephant with Interactive Moving Trunk & Over 150 Sounds & Movements

Juno is as smart as it is cute but Juno is still only a baby elephant and has plenty to learn.

Juno has an adorable personality, it can cuddle and it can kiss you.

Juno can use its trunk to pick things up and to trumpet, Juno is even learning to swing its trunk around to play at being a helicopter.

My Baby Elephant is a great companion for the little ones.

Juno Is an Interactive Toy with an Elephant-Sized Personality

Children can cuddle and play with Juno and help it learn new tricks like “the helicopter” with its trunk, to play peek-a-boo and to use its trunk to pick up play-food and toys.

My Baby Elephant’s favorite snack is peanuts and its favorite toy and friend is a little white mouse who Juno sometimes sings to – both accessories are included with Juno.

Juno My Baby Elephant’s personality develops through being touched, held and played with as your child encourages Juno to master the use of its trunk, to move around and to make sounds.

Juno’s mood and personality are reflected in its actions; Juno starts out quite shy but grows more confident through interaction.

Juno may even have a little tantrum, if you try to it feed when it is not hungry, and throwing its peanut across the room!

However, Juno does know the difference between its peanut and hits mouse-friend, Juno would never throw its best furry friend!


Juno My Baby Elephant Video


Juno My Baby Elephant – a Favorite for Christmas 2019

With more than 100 lifelike sounds and movements Juno is a smart baby elephant full of personality.

This interactive toy is bound to be a hit with children, following on the heels of the new Dumbo movie earlier this year and being released in time for Christmas 2019.

Juno toy’s is recommended for kids aged 5+.

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