Boppi the Booty Shaking Llama Breaking News

Boppi is the Booty Shaking Llama that dances along to the music, shaking its bootie and rolling its head in time to the tune.

Boppi Is Set to Be this Year’s Must-Have

Be warned: commentators in the world of toys are saying that the Booty Shaking Llama is set to become the must-have toy of 2019!

Toy experts already predict Boppi to be THE toy to have this Christmas.

Expect Boppi the Booty Shaking Llama to dance its way off store shelves – parents are going to have to be quick, while stocks last, to bag one of these Pets Alive Boppi Llamas in time for the holidays.

The robotic llama doll jumps around and dances to its selection of songs and will also respond to songs on YouTube – endless fun and laughs for the whole family!

Llamas Are the New Unicorns!

Unicorns can expect to be knocked off the number one spot this year by the latest kids’ animal craze for llamas.

The llama, from Pets Alive, is cute as can be.

This adorably fluffy llama dances and jumps around with enthusiastic neck rolls and twerking shakes of it’s rear-end.

Shake it, Shake it Boppi!

The Booty Llama has a choice of three songs combined with a selection of dances for endless head-rolling and twerking fun from this booty shaking llama.

Boppi the booty shaking llama runs on four AA batteries.

This is what toys experts’ critics are saying:

The unveilings of ZURU Pets Alive during the recent Toy Fair season has seen Boppi, ‘The Booty Shaking’ Llama steal the show with her unique ‘twerking’ and ‘head-spinning’ dance moves.

Boppi dances to three catchy songs and is set to be a hit with kids and adults alike when she reaches shelves later this year.

The new ZURU Pets Alive range will launch in Australia at all major retailers this July, featuring the already globally successful and now award-winning llama, Boppi, alongside a Magical Unicorn, Cute Scootin’ Hamster, Adorable Angel Fish, Magical Mermaid, and Tiny Turtle.

The brand will be supported by a strong marketing campaign including influencers, social, digital and TV that will enhance the brand and Boppi’s virality.

“The ZURU team is thrilled that our ZURU Pets Alive Boppi, ‘The Booty Shakin’ Llama has been recognised with 2 esteemed awards at the 2019 Australian Toy Fair.

Boppi is all about simple fun that transcends age and demographic.

Everyone will love to share a laugh and shake their booty, with Boppi!” said Adam Woods, Creative Director at ZURU about receiving the awards.


Boppi the Interactive Llama is the New Unicorn Toy This Year

When would it be released to the Public?

From what we learned at this point, the release date is June 2019.

We found that it will be released in-stores and online in the UK and also would be made available for the US too at that same time.

What’s would be the price Range?

There is a suggestion price of £25 for the UK and in the USA from $25 to $32.

Nevertheless bookmark this page because we’ll update our readers once the pricing is announced.

When Can You Pre-Order?

Pretty soon we will let you know about that too, it is almost about time when this special toy will start hitting the stores online as well as offline.

We will keep you posted for sure.

In the meantime enjoy this cute Boppi the booty shaking llama video:

Boppi the Booty Shaking Llama Video

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