Blume Dolls Hottest Toy of the Year 2019 Review

Grow your own Doll, just add water!

Blume dolls are collectable toys which, with the addition of just a few drops of water, will deliver a delightful surprise by sprouting and blooming out of its flowerpot, instantly growing an amazing hairdo of flowers or waves, rainbows or crystals, or even ice cream.

Blume Dolls actually do bloom!

Blume Dolls

Blume Dolls Hottest Toy

Great Value and Mess-free

These wonderfully cute toys will delight kids and please parents.

The Dolls almost instantly delivers its surprise in the form of a fabulous hairdo which will bloom easily and quickly after adding a few drops of water.

The flowerpot packaging is also a part of the toy; it opens up to provide storage and a playset with accessories for the doll.

The unboxing joy of the Blume Doll is enhanced by the dynamic element of the just-add-water blooming hairdo!

Parents will be kept happy by the lack of mess, the convenience of the self-contained playset pot and, of course, the reasonable price tag.

Collectable Blume Dolls

The surprise element of the Blume Doll, the range of variations in the sets and the cute accompanying accessories make the dolls a great collectable toy.

This first series of these dolls will have 22 different dolls with certain dolls being rare and even super-rare.

Ideal for collecting, swapping or gifting.

Blume dolls

Blume Dolls

Colourful and Cute

They are packaged in their very own colourful flowerpot; just add a few drops of water to see who grows!

The doll’s foam-like hairdo will bloom from the pot and then the pot can be opened up and used to store the accessories that are included with each doll.

Accessories include different variations of colourful stickers, cute handbags and smaller, just as cute, friends . . .

Good Housekeeping has declared the new Blume Dolls “the hottest toy of 2019”!

Blume Dolls Video

What would be the official release date?

This is an advance review of the toys which will hit the market starting from July 2019 which we believe would be the official release according to the online buzz.

Now we will keep you posted about this fabulous new surprise which will make the happiness of many youngsters.

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We will be updating constantly the news if more info arises.

Pre-ordering would be pretty be launched by companies such as Amazon and you may need to buy all that you can while they are still in stock.

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