3 Candylocks Dolls Secrets You Never Knew

The new Candylocks Dolls toy is going to be a BIG HIT this holiday season, predicted to be one of the most in demand toys for girls in 2019

Candylocks dolls must be on your present list for any little girl in your life.


Candylocks hair dolls, have hair just like cotton candy on a stick, it SMELLS just like Cotton Candy Too.

The dolls have LOTS of hair that’s colorful, soft and sweet-smelling just like candy These dolls allow you to style their Hair anyway you want to, Choose from creating braids, or twists, buns, and other any other fun hairstyles.

There are 25 Candylocks dolls to collect and each comes with different accessories.

Candylocks dolls have the potential to BE A HUGE HIT THIS CHRISTMAS Unboxing toy is part of many toys this year and unboxing can be as much fun as the toy itself.

The NEW Candylocks toys are cute dolls that have wild and crazy hairdos and each one smells like cotton candy with different smells for the 15 different Candlocks you can collect.

candylocks dolls

Candylocks Dolls

What are Candylocks dolls?

In phase 1, there will be 25 different dolls to collect.

The fun is in the unpacking as each Candlocks toy is a surprise and you never know which one you have got until you unbox it.

They are packed in a cotton candy cone and once you crack it open, you then move all the hair away and it reveals the toy you have got.

There are some really nice surprise accessories that come with each doll, you can add to their hairstyles using the accessories their hairstyles or change their clothing and plus much more fun to be had.

The real fun comes now where your little girl will have so much fun styling each dolls hair and the sky is the limit on how many hair styles you can create.

The hair is strong yet also soft so you can easily create buns or pony tails, braids, or even dreadlocks, and there is also so much more fun to be had!

What we really loved was each doll has hair that smells wonderful.

25 glorious smells like cotton candy, Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, lemonade, and so many more fabulous aromas.

We have not seen what each of the 25 dolls will be named but we have seen a few and the names will be along the lines of Lacey Lemonade and Strawberry Mary, so looks like they will be named after the smell of their hair.

How Much are Candlylocks Dolls?

We are happy to tell you they are super affordable with the suggested retail price of just $9.99. (Please note: prices can vary depending on the packaging and accessories included)

When and Where Can I Buy Candylocks Doll Toy?

In fact they are now available for purchase on Amazon and other platforms.

They began to be available in September 2019, just in time for Christmas and we know for dure these are going to be a big hit this holiday season.

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