Disney Lightning McQueen Car Review

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Disney Lightning McQueen Car

Disney Lightning McQueen Car or Sphero Ultimate Lightning McQueen Vehicle is both the same thing with different names.

Power wheels lightning McQueen is a living robotic racing car that most children love.

What’s better and cooler than car toys? Robotic car toys, of course!

If you are a fan of Disney’s Lightning McQueen car, you will certainly want to have this.

This toy has the same personality and movements of the amazing racecar.

And if you are a fan of remote control cars, you will certainly love this modern version.

It does not just have the attention and detail of the car in the movie.

This animatronic wonderfully mimics Lightning McQueen’s animated eyes and movements.

It’s exactly like the car in the cartoons.

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Disney Lightning McQueen Car

The manufacturer of these robots also made an effort to recorded Owen Wilson’s voice, McQueen’s voice actor in the movie, for the entire toy’s voice sound, which is nothing less than awesome.

It’s like the racecar itself magically jump off the screen and into your house.

And with the help of the toy’s app, you can adjust the volume of the sound coming out from the good-quality on vehicle speaker.

McQueen’s eyes are clear and bright, adjusting well depending on what the car is doing, as well as its speed and direction where it’s heading.

Just like the car in the cartoons! The charging port is placed at the car’s gas cap, which gives it a real race car look.

The car has touch panels on its body, and it will respond when touched.

Children will certainly be captivated by it, even the ones who have no idea who Lightning McQueen is.

It’s not an RC car, and it runs differently than an RC car.

You won’t be able to drive it with an RC control and don’t drive it at RC speeds as well.

The control interface is quite different.


It will take some time to get the hang of the controls, especially if you have driven RC cars in the past, pistol grip or traditional.

You may experience a few crashes at first, but you will definitely get the hang with the ‘sphero’ style control.

With practice, it will be easy to run.

You control it through your phone.

Once you’ve installed the app, you will be able to run and control it in no time.

Once you have him up and running, Lightning McQueen moves quite fast, and you can easily navigate him using the phone app.

You can also use the app to create a winning racing strategy.

Disney Lightning McQueen Car Video

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If you don’t want to play with him as a racecar, you can easily play hide and with your toddler.

Your child will certainly have so much fun hiding and being found by Lightning McQueen, with you driving the toy, of course.

When you are not training for a race, you can sit back, relax, and watch Cars with Lightning McQueen, and he will react to the movie while you watch.

We believe this Sphero Ultimate Lightning McQueen Vehicle is like the ultimate gift for the holiday period about to start.

This Disney Lightning McQueen Car would make the face and whole being of any cars loving child to glow and shines of happiness like never before.

Take good note of it and thanks us later. Happy driving!

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