Code n learn Kinderbot NEW Fisher-Price Robotic Toy Review

Code’n Learn Kinderbot is The NEW Fisher-Price Think and Learn

This NEW Kinderbot helps to get kids a quick head start in lifeTargeting kids from age 3 to 6 and it teaches them colors, letters, counting, andshapes, PLUS it even teaches them how to code.

This is a great robot friend that helps kids gear up and get ready for Kindergarden.

It has all the basic learning tools like shapes, colors, counting etc.

It also has a secret code mode where your kids can unlock secret codes and it trains the kids mind for very basic coding while at the same time the child enjoys interacting and playing.

Think n learn Code n Learn kinderbot can also change into other things like a motorcycle, a Saxaphone, a bulldozer it can even walk the dog ha-ha.

This is a great little learning robot which will prepare your child for Kindergarden while entertaining your child for hours on end.

Code n Learn Kinderbot description

With the Fisher-Price Code n Learn Kinderbot, young children go into different codes to control their robot buddy’s activities.

This interactive understanding plaything revives with lights as well as expressions, offering coding difficulties that educate around very early math concepts, colors, shapes, as well as extra.

There are three methods to play, an awesome secret code book, and 4 maker accessories to increase the play for your junior engineer!

The adorable robot will certainly inspire little learners to be huge thinkers.

Academics: Code n Learn Kinderbot teaches very early mathematics principles, shades, letters as well as even more via amazing coding difficulties.

Thinking & Problem Solving: Kids can exercise their coding and analytic abilities as they determine exactly how to “program” courses for their robot!

Engineering & Building: As kids experiment with different try outs the robot as well as the basic machine accessories, they’re practicing design and building abilities– just like a real designer!

Code n Learn Kinderbot

Code n Learn Kinderbot

This what other reviewers are saying:

This definitely can span a little bit of an age group.

When you open him up, and thank goodness he comes with batteries, immediately your children will want to start pushing buttons.

That works out fine because it’s easy to code or program on the first level.

Basically you just tell him what to do and he does it.

Left, right, forward, back and don’t forget start!

On the challenge level he tells your children what to do.

The challenges start off simple but gradually increase in difficulty when you get it right.

He offers positive reinforcement along the way, even when you’re not successful at completing his challenge.

If you have a little one that gets frustrated easy this may prove to be a bit of a challenge for them.

The third game he plays is the one I like the most and one of my daughters is intrigued by.

He comes with a box of additional things and you can learn to secretly code him.

The challenge here is to get him to do some of his secret coding tricks.

The other challenge however is even greater.

You set up your own mazes/challenges and program him too perform correctly.

Coming from a mom who programmed a maze yesterday, it can prove a bit of a challenge.

I think everyone is enjoying that part.

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Code n Learn Kinderbot

Code n Learn Kinderbot

Code n Learn Kinderbot Conclusion

This fabulous Code n Learn Kinderbot toy got five stars rating completely out of the box; this is really incredible for something new which has just hit the Market.

We believe that this new toy is maybe one the best sellers of this year and beyond it too.

The only to find out it fits your child is giving it a try; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Code n Learn Kinderbot Video

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