Best Owi Kiko Robot Artificial Intelligence Toy Review

OWI Kiko Robot Review

First things first: OWI Kiko robot Interactive AI Capable Robot is not your ordinary building block kit nor is it like any other remote-controlled toy robot out there.

The individual parts that have to be assembled do not look like Lego pieces and the resulting OWI Kiko robot relies on artificial intelligence (AI) and infrared sensors to make it move around on its own!

With a price tag of a little over $30, this toy allows your little one to have some fun and at the same time put on his thinking cap as it requires some assembly that is facilitated by an easy-to-follow instruction manual.

OWI Kiko robot
OWI Kiko robot

And once this 6-legged robot with a bright yellow body is built from scratch, the excitement keeps on rolling.

That’s because it is capable of following your child around with a simple hand gesture or exploring on its own!

Giving this educational toy to your kid is like teaching him or her that working hard comes with a reward, and in this case it’s in the form of an adorable robot that has its own mind and personality!

So if you are on the hunt for the perfect toy for your 8-year-old (or older) child who is naturally curious, read on — below are some of the most important matters you need to know about the OWI Kiko robot.

More Than Just Creating Something

Giving your little one the OWI Kiko Interactive AI Capable Robot is not like handing him or her some Lego pieces and it’s for a couple of reasons.

First, none of the 107 parts looks anything like a Lego brick.

Second, the fun and excitement keep on coming after Kiko robot, which is the name of the robot, has been fully assembled.

Evidently, allowing your child to assemble the robot helps to support his or her love for connecting small parts that are useless on their own but can work together in order to wow the eyes and mind — if that’s not engineering, well, we don’t know what it is!

Patience, determination, eye-hand coordination, following instructions, creativity — these are some other things honed by the OWI Kiko Robot.

Feel free to offer your assistance to your child in building OWI robot, from scratch — some parents posted online that it took their kids an entire day to build the yellow robot.

And before we forget, the robot is powered by 4 pieces of AAA batteries (sold separately).

You and your child won’t find any remote control in the package, but that’s okay because Kiko robot is so smart that it can move from one place to the other on its own.

Learn more about it by reading this review further!

OWI Kiko robot
OWI Kiko robot

OWI Kiko robot is Smart and Has a Personality, Too

The best thing about the OWI Robot kit is that the finished robot has the ability to move around without running into objects — it uses infrared sensors to detect obstacles so that it can avoid them.

Unlike other robots that come with wheels, the robot comes with legs — all 6 of them, to be exact!

Your little one can interact with OWI Kiko robot by means of a couple of pre-programmed modes: follow-me and explore.

Just like what the name suggests, the follow-me mode makes it possible for the 6-legged Kiko.893 to follow your child around as soon as he waves his or her hand in front of the robot’s glowing eyes — this will activate the said mode.

Then there’s also the explore mode which enables Kiko.893 to travel around.

What’s really amazing about this particular mode is that it allows the robot to learn its surroundings.

Needless to say, the more it explores, the smarter it gets.

And by the way, it has a personality that it can express by means of its eyes and the sounds it makes!

Check This Out Before You Add It to Your Cart

There’s no denying that the OWI Kiko Robot is both fun and educational.

Never purchase it if your child is below 8 years of age as there are small parts that can be choking hazards.

By the way, some online reviewers say that some of the parts (including most especially the legs) tend to come apart, but that’s no biggie as they can simply be put together, making the robot as good as new once more!

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