Batman Voice Changer Helmet Superior Review

Batman Voice Changer Helmet, batman voice changer mask, voice changer helmet,


Batman Voice Changer Helmet: A lot has been written about the Batman Voice Changer Helmet.

The way we are about to present it to you; will entice you to buy the toy for your kids so that they can have a great time being the brave and intrepid Batman The Dark Knight, one of the most loved DC Super Hero.

Dawn of Justice Batman Voice Changer Helmet

There’s a lot of toy merchandise available that ties in with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice but this voice changing helmet has got to be the one that you can have the most fun with.

While critics didn’t rate the film it was still a huge hit with kids and if they like the film they will love this.

Batman Voice Changer Helmet Video

How much is Batman Voice Changer Helmet?

The recommend retail price is currently being varied it at even lower prices online – check some of the big online stores such as Amazon to see if they are offering it at a discount price.

Who Would Buy voice changer helmet?

It’s Recommend for 4 to 10 year olds by Mattel the manufacturers. Reading user reviews online we have heard that 4 year olds to 40 year olds have been wearing this mask and having fun with it.

Any superhero fan and especially Batman fans are going to want this mask.

Batman Voice Changer Helmet, batman voice changer mask, voice changer helmet,


Things We Like batman voice changer Helmet

It’s a nicely designed mask that requires two AA batteries luckily Mattel provide these so you are good to go as soon as you have the Batman mask out of its packaging.

The mask is sturdy and comfortable to wear and adjusts to accommodate head sizes small or large.

To turn the mask activation on you push a button inside the mask that can easily be accessed. To use the 15 pre-set sounds and phrases there is a button at the side.

We loved that you have two different functions with this mask

The Pre-Set voice that says phrases from the Batman Vs Superman movie such as Gotham City needs me, villains beware Batman is here and you can’t defeat me Superman.

The voice changer does just that and changes what the wearer is saying into a booming Batman voice that will amuse adults [for a while] and provide plenty of imaginative play for kids.

It also has light up eyes that illuminate in time to the voice, this looks especially cool and menacing in the dark.

Things We Did Not Like About It

You can’t actually adjust the volume which is fairly loud, so if you are tired your child running around booming loudly in a Batman voice might become a bit tiresome.

Is It Worth The Money?

Your child will get plenty of creative long term play out of this mask having the two different setting of voice changer and pre-set phrases adds to the value. If you grab a cape and a batman mask as well they will look even more the part.

Batman Voice Changer Helmet, batman voice changer mask, voice changer helmet,


Where Can I Buy It?

The Batman Voice Changer Helmet is available from all the big online stores and toy shops, Amazon would be a good place to start looking as they are very competitively priced.

Final Thoughts Batman Voice Changer Helmet

This will light up any little Batman fans eyes [literally!] If you are looking for a gift for a child who likes there superheroes this would certainly be a great pick and all the family will have some fun with it.

DC Super Hero action figure Batman Voice Changer Helmet is a collector and fan item of all time.

Batman voice changer mask is a must have for all these people including kids who avid reader of DC comics and like to emulate their Hero creating games in their free times.

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