Barbie RC Hoverboard Review

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Barbie RC Hoverboard: Barbie the princess doll had been recreated as a planetary movie star in the coming “Barbie Star Light Adventure” motion picture.

And she partner with a club of hoverboarding buddies to rescue the Universe.
Barbie is strongly heading to the places where Barbie has never been, ever!

When your young girl watched the film she will eventually need you to buy for her the new type of Barbie Push-button control Hoverboards which operate in a comparable way to the quadcopter and drones that you are now viewing all around us todays.

How Much for Barbie RC Hoverboard?

The Barbie Hoverboard is now available on most online stores, mainly on amazon with a price tag of $93.68.

Who exactly Would Purchase it?

The designers advise it for ages 8 and beyond and with adult administration.
I’m venturing that it will attract kids of a much younger age too.

What We Like About Barbie RC Hoverboard

To begin with we liked the aspect of the toy, the match-up blue and pink colors for the Barbie RC Hoverboard, push-button control and Barbie’s apparels are very well crafted.

The actual hoverboard and push-button control seem simple to use and together with going up and down and in all 4 routes all of it has tabs for immediate liftoff and landing.

The hoverboard also has predetermined switches for 3 other feats.

The gadget is recharged by an included USB Wire.

Drones and quadcopters are well known for being hard to manage but this has been very well made to be effortlessly piloted by a rookie.

Barbie RC Hoverboard, barbie rc hover board, barbie hoverboard,


Aspects We Did Not Like

The Barbie RC Hoverboard has already been released we don’t know of any design faults.

The main thing we didn’t basically like is that Barbie can’t be extracted from the hoverboard.

Was it so, would put in some more inventive fun to the set but we are guessing that there are very likely development reasons this is so.

The actual Barbie is made from light foam, that makes sense if not she would be too bulky for the hoverboard to take flight.

Viewing the video from the Toy fair the Barbie RC Hoverboard may seem relatively loud but quadcopters typically are so this isn’t a big deal.

There’s has been no reference of for how long it soars for prior to requiring to be reenergized this is something that we’d like to find out.

Is Barbie RC Hoverboard Worth The Money?

For Barbie followers veteran and brand-new this is very likely to become a should have and will definitely be a huge home sellers.

When the motion picture is launched and will certainly be on a lot of children Christmas toy checklists.

The hoverboard seems quite long lasting and we guarantee it has been carefully tried so it should be worth the $93.68 price tag.

Barbie RC Hoverboard, barbie rc hover board, barbie hoverboard

Barbie RC Hoverboard

Exactly where Can I Buy It?

This is a major toy introduction so should be offered at most toy outlets and definitely will be on online sales at major online outlets like Amazon where you can browse through the latest user reviews once launched.

Final Thoughts

Barbie RC Hoverboard is receiving a massive revamp this year and this Sci-fi, planetary Barbie is a fairly brave change.

We accept gladly this advanced new Barbie and think the RC Hoverboard will be greatly the rage with all Barbie fans.

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