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We cover all types of toys but especially those which are technology based and also those using artificial intelligence in their performance. Technology is given to toys a whole new dimension so that everyone, every age spectrum can use them; from the youngest to the oldest person. Parents will find it even easier to participate in their children games from now on…

We cover every single toy or type of toys that you may think of, just type in the name of what you might be looking for and “Voila” you will find all the reviews about it.

Let’s name a few: Spinmaster BB8, Nerf Rival Khaos MXVI-4000, DC Comics Barbara Gordon Batgirl, Candylicious Edible Bubbles, VTech Go Go Smart Wheels Blast Off Space Station, Lego Architecture New York City, Disney Frozen Little Kingdom,Disney Tsum Tsum Figures and even those that are not out yet.

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